Promotion to the Board for Dan Heald

Promotion to the Board for Dan Heald

Praetura Asset Finance are delighted to announce the promotion of Dan Heald to the Board of Directors in the role of National Sales Director.

Following a record-breaking year for both Praetura Asset Finance and the Praetura Group as a whole, the promotion of Dan Heald signifies one of the elements in the next phase of the company’s growth plans, building on successes of previous years with ambitious targets set for 2022 and beyond.

Dan Heald is one of the original members of the team that established Praetura Asset Finance (PAF) eight years ago and has worked in the finance industry for over 20 years.

Ric Simmons, Commercial Director at Praetura Asset Finance, said: “Dan’s promotion is reward for his faith and vision when establishing Praetura Asset Finance as a co-founder, his dedication throughout the last eight years and his vast expertise and skill for business development, specifically within the sphere of asset finance. Because of the example that Dan sets and his strong leadership of our growing sales team, I am certain he will drive our team to surpass the ambitious goals that have been set”.

Dan also commented: “I’m proud of the team we have at PAF and proud to have been given this opportunity to be an integral part of moulding the future for Praetura Asset Finance. I have the privilege of leading a fantastic team; each and every one of them embodying what it means to be a ‘Praeturian’, offering more than money and being part of a business development team that makes a difference to the brokers we work in partnership with and their SME clients”.

Peadar O’Reilly, managing director of Praetura Group’s Lending Division, added: “As a founding member of PAF, Dan has been an integral part of our sales team from the very beginning. Dan’s passion and knowledge of the industry is invaluable to us. Dan’s support and leadership of the team will undoubtedly drive us towards our plans for growth and I look forward to having his experience and insight on the Board”.


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