Funding potential.

Asset finance is an efficient and flexible funding option that is simple, straight-forward and surprisingly speedy to arrange.

Finance can be arranged for a wide range of assets, whether they are vehicles, equipment or machinery via hire purchase or finance lease agreements. Or, with refinance funding you can use your business’ assets to raise cash to aid expansion plans, consolidate debts or provide an injection of working capital.

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Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase.

Broaden the range of options available to your business – replace old or outdated equipment, expand your product offering with new machinery, or update your business vehicles, whilst avoiding the significant impact of large upfront payments on your company’s cash reserves.

Key benefits include:

Retain the rights of ownership with the cost spread over time

Manageable monthly payments with fixed interest rates

Tax efficient, with interest and charges offsetable against pre-tax profits

Flexible deposit options and seasonal payment plans available

Hire Purchase

Finance Lease

Finance Lease.

Not all businesses have the available capital to pay for new vehicles and equipment upfront. Even for those that do, it might not be the most cost-effective use of their company’s working capital.

Hiring the equipment, by way of a Finance Lease, allows use of the new machinery or transport with manageable payments over a set period of time.

Key benefits include:

Utilise the asset without the liability of ownership

Monthly payment plan tailored to your business’ needs

Payments can be deducted from income as a trading expense

Choice of options available when the primary lease period ends

Finance Lease

Asset Refinance

Asset Refinance.

Raise funds for your business by unlocking capital from your machinery, equipment or vehicles, without restricting whether you can continue to use them.

Refinance can provide the funding to make a host of options possible; whether the capital is needed for growth to develop new markets, expand and restructure or upgrade premises. Refinance can also bring stability by consolidating debts and reducing monthly payments or repaying HMRC arrears. It is a solution that is both affordable and risk averse.

However, we would highly recommend working in partnership with a consultant lender who specialises in this field (which Praetura Asset Finance do), to ensure the funding package is structured in the most beneficial way for your business.

Key benefits include:

Raise funds from the assets your business owns (or is currently financing)

Utilise the equity in those assets to raise funds for a wide range of scenarios

Reduce monthly outgoings by consolidating existing debt

Continue to be able to use the assets

Asset Refinance