Helping UK businesses deliver Christmas

Helping UK businesses deliver Christmas

It’s not quite time for Chris Rea to start singing about driving home for Christmas yet, but festive cards have found their way on to shelves and beautifully packaged bits and bobs declaring themselves as the ‘ideal Xmas gift’ are popping up here, there and everywhere.

Christmas shopping on the whole used to be a December thing (disregarding the hideously over-organised folk, who get their present shopping sorted in the January sales). But we now have ‘key shopping dates’ to look out for before we’ve even got that far, with the likes of Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the diary. There’s even such a thing as a ‘Grey Thursday’ to contend with!

Without doubt on the run up to Christmas (however early that run may start), we buy more; starting with the cards and presents, then the food, the chocolate, the wine, the beer and the gin (most important that we don’t forget the gin). Which all means, that more of everything needs to be delivered, whether that’s to the high street, the supermarket, the retail park, or directly to you.

More than just the Coca Cola Christmas Truck

As we are not quite there with deliveries via drones (just yet), we are going to be seeing an increased number of vans and trucks on our roads. Starting from, well, about… now!

Businesses gearing up for Christmas

If you are a business delivering your stock to retailers and customers, or the company doing the delivering for them; now is the time to consider, whether or not you have enough vehicles in your fleet to meet the increase in demand, or whether any of your commercial vehicles would benefit from being upgraded.

Because we are closing in on the run up to Christmas (however protracted that run up may be), you might be thinking that there couldn’t be a worse time to be thinking about buying a van or truck (whether new, nearly new or used). However, the options that asset finance can offer for business vehicles, through leasing or hire purchase, could act as your very own Santa Claus.

A host of benefits wrapped up in the one solution

It’s your choice whether you simply rent the vehicles for a fixed term (via a finance lease), or use a hire purchase agreement so you’ll own the van or truck at the end of the fixed period. But with both options, the answers to the following questions are all the same:

  1. Is it flexible? YES!

The term and structure of the deal can be adapted to suit the needs of your business

  1. Is it quick? YES!

The funding can be arranged within a matter of days

  1. Is it efficient? YES!

With fixed manageable monthly payments and no large upfront expenditure, it’s arguably better for budgeting and taxation purposes

Now is the perfect time to be having a conversation with your financial adviser or broker, to find out more.


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