More than money.

Working in partnership with brokers and intermediaries to find the right funding for your business.

About us

Helping UK businesses survive and thrive.

As well as our expertise and knowledge, we offer a range of funding solutions to allow businesses to upgrade or invest in new equipment, or release cash from a company’s existing assets to help fund new projects or realign finances.

Funding solutions

Asset finance funding solutions made simple.

Whether you are looking to fund new or used vehicles, equipment or machinery, enable expansion plans, consolidate debts or provide an injection of working capital, Praetura Asset Finance can help.

How we work

Working in partnership with Praetura.

This is why our team will always take the time to fully understand your business, so we can structure the funding and adapt the terms to your individual requirements.

The decisions we make are not based on whether we have been able to tick a series of boxes on a form, or whether your situation neatly fits into a category that suits us.

What your business needs will always come first.


Built on strong relationships.

The story of Oasthouse and Praetura.