Asset Types

Asset-based lending (ABL) encompasses business funding that releases capital using the value of an asset as security. This asset may be equipment or vehicles, and the capital raised on it can be used to buy more equipment, update or expand premises, or facilitate a management buy-in or buy-out.
Praetura will offer funding to a business based on the current value of unencumbered assets, with liquidity and profit margins as secondary considerations. Our asset-based lending is flexible, affordable and the terms of repayment are sympathetic to the individual business’s requirements, right down to the specific demands of the market sector or industry.

We put together asset-based lending packages which make the most of other benefits, like working capital and tax breaks. We can negotiate with suppliers and manufacturers to get the best deals, and we are even able to help businesses source new equipment at cost.

Asset-based lending is suitable for companies from a wide range of sectors, which do not have capital to spare or do not want to dip into reserves. If it sounds like a possible solution, get in touch and we’ll run through it in more detail.

Asset List

To learn more about the types of asset we have available, check out the list below and click an asset type for more information.


Cars, London Cabs, Vans, Lorries, HGV, Trailers….


Cars, Vans, HGVs, Cherry pickers, Mobile cranes, Drilling machines, Excavators, Dumpers…


CDrills, Cranes, Skidders, Cherry pickers, Forklift trucks, CNC hi-definition plasma machines, Chamfering and bevelling machines…

Waste & Recycling

Balers, Crushers, Compacters, Granulators, Recycling conveyers, Separation machinesm Shredders, Sorters, Storage and silos…


Bindery, Finishing, Web offset printing, Sheet-fed offset, Cutting and creasing, Labels and forms…


Tractors, Ploughs, Broadcast seeding machinery, Combine harvesters, Milking machines…