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What is asset finance?
What services do we offer and how can they help your business?

Asset finance is an efficient and flexible funding option that is simple, straight-forward and surprisingly speedy to arrange.

Whether you’re looking to fund new vehicles, equipment or machinery, enable expansion plans, consolidate debts or provide an injection of working capital; asset finance can help.

Finance can be arrange for a wide range of assets and business scenarios; via hire purchase, lease or refinance, with funding available for UK SMEs from £7,500 to £2 million with Praetura Asset Finance.

Hire Purchase

Own the asset but spread the cost.

Why choose hire purchase?

  • Avoid the significant impact of large upfront purchase costs
  • Manageable monthly payments with fixed interest rates
  • Tax benefits with interest and charges being offsetable
  • Remain in control with the rights of ownership retained by you

Why choose to lease business assets?

  • Greater degree of flexibility as hiring an asset for a set period
  • Better for budgeting with no large outlay and tailored payment plans
  • Tax efficient as hire costs can be categorised as a trading expense
  • Range of options available when the initial rental period ends


Utilise the asset without the ties of ownership.


Unlock capital from existing assets.

Why choose asset refinance?

  • Raise funds from the assets your business owns
  • Utilise their value to raise funds for a wide range of scenarios
  • Reduce monthly outgoings by consolidating existing debt
  • Continue to be able to use the assets