A recent review of new legislation regarding the consumer credit act necessitated a number of changes be made to all Praetura documentation.

We also used this opportunity to update the design and usability, so our full suite of documentation can now be completed online, via the broker portal on our website.



To request or be reminded of your broker portal login and password details,
please email sales@praeturaaf.com or call 0333 323 7830.


Here’s a quick round up of the major changes that have been made:

  • Terminology has been changed from a Lease to a Hire Agreement (not to be confused with Hire Purchase)
  • Charges will automatically calculate on the Hire Purchase and Loan Agreements
  • Key data on pre-contract documentation will automatically pre-populate when transferring to the agreement documentation (Regulated Hire Agreement)
  • All documents can now be completed online
  • Any subsequent upgrades, changes or amendments will be made immediately to the documents accessible via the broker portal

It is also worth noting that due to the change of terminology from Lease Agreement to Hire Agreement, extra care will need to be taken when selecting the type of agreement from the Guarantee drop down list (to ensure that Hire is not selected when Hire Purchase was intended).

Any documentation submitted using agreements that the new document suite has replaced will not be accepted after 15 September 2017.


As we are now operating with a fully electronic document system, the broker portal is the only place to ensure you’re using the most up-to-date version of our documentation (they can of course be downloaded and printed to be completed by hand too if you’d prefer).


Brokers and introducers wanting to request or be reminded of their broker portal login and password details can do so by emailing sales@praeturaaf.com or calling 0333 323 7830.