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It is practical and affordable for a business to release finance from the value of unencumbered existing assets, or assets with equity, through refinancing. This can be utilised as funding for new equipment, expansion or even a management buy-out or buy-in. Refinancing is an ideal way of raising capital because, while Praetura will buy the equipment from the company, it can continue to be used; therefore even essential items can be refinanced. Our agreement is similar to hire purchase and ownership of the equipment can be transferred back at the end of the payment plan.



Praetura is also able to arrange refinancing for assets that are already subject to finance agreements with other companies.

Ask us for a quote: our ability to extend the payment period means that the amount repaid each month can be reduced.

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If refinancing sounds like a potential solution, you can get in touch with us via our contact page to discuss how we can help.

Business equipment available for refinance

Praetura won’t dictate where equipment should be bought; though we have a history of excellent relationships with suppliers and manufacturers, and so can help source the right assets with the best terms. It is even possible for us to draw up a hire purchase agreement for multiple items sourced from different suppliers.


We provide refinance solutions for:



Agricultural Equipment


Construction Equipment


LCVs and HGVs


Buses and Coaches


Engineering machinery


Manufacturing equipment


Waste and recycling equipment


Cars for business


Executive, luxury and super cars


Plant and machinery

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You can learn about the type of assets we have available on our asset types page.


Our Management page contains more information about the managing directors of Praetura Asset Finance.


If you would like to speak with us, then you can get in touch via our contact page.