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Waste & Recycling

Businesses requiring commercial vehicles for their operations can find flexible and affordable options with Praetura, through flexible hire purchase, finance leasing, refinance and asset-based finance agreements. We can also free capital from unencumbered commercial vehicles, which can be used to finance company expansion, a management buy-out or buy-in, or sustain it through a lean period of growth.

Praetura offers a choice of funding options to help waste and recycling companies fund the purchase of new equipment and free capital for other measures that will help it grow.

We facilitate the purchase of new equipment and the raising of capital against existing unencumbered assets, through flexible hire purchase, finance leasing, refinance and asset-based finance agreements.

Capital raised through our products can be used for the purchase of new waste and recycling equipment, to expand the company or upgrade facilities, or to sustain it through a cash flow crisis in the short term. Capital can also be used to fund a management buy-out or buy-in.

We can help raise funds for a wide range of waste and recycling equipment including:

Balers, Crushers, Compacters, Granulators

Recycling conveyers, Separation machines

Shredders, Sorters, Storage and silos

Praetura works with brokers across the country, and directly with businesses themselves to secure the best terms of repayment. Our services also provide added value to auditors, corporate financiers and insolvency practitioners. Get in touch if you’d like to talk about how we can help.

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