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With finance leasing, the amount and date of monthly repayments are set.

Advantages of Leasing

  • At the end of the contract you will have 3 options:-
    • Return the asset to the funder or;
    • Sell the asset to a 3rd party or;
    • Continue paying for the asset; usually this will mean an annual payment equivalent to your standard monthly payment
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Advantages of Hire Purchase

    • You will be able to pay for the asset in affordable monthly repayments..
    • At the end of the contract you will be the owner of the asset. This means you can later sell the asset for a lump sum.
    • Finance charges forassets are tax deductible which effectively means that the tax man is financing some of the asset for you.
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Hire Purchase

Unlike a Lease, Hire purchase consists of a deposit of around 20% of the cost of the asset, plus an interest charge which will be calculated and included in your monthly payments.


Praetura is also able to arrange refinancing for assets that are already subject to finance agreements with other companies.

Advantages of Refinancing

  • Refinancing is an ideal way of raising capital because, while Praetura will buy the equipment from the company, it can continue to be used; therefore even essential items can be refinanced. Our agreement is similar to hire purchase and ownership of the equipment can be transferred back at the end of the payment plan.
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